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At home therapeutic massage, bodywork/bodycare for women…their families and friends

Therapeutic massage, bodywork bodycare and yoga can provide mindbody wellness support, prep for performance, rehab from injury or illness, pre/post natal personal care and relaxation.
NOTE:  Re hygiene measures: mask for me, a sanitized table and tote with clean linens. Single use containers of treatments prepared just for you!


LMP Credentials

As “the Massage Therapist” visiting your home, you will want to know that I am insured with the American Massage Therapy Association, professionally licensed with DOH Washington State (#641) Licensed for business with City of Seattle and Washington State since 1978 providing professional, medically astute and affordable massage therapy bodywork/bodycare and yoga services for Seattle Women, their families and friends. References are available by request.


Your bright lights!

Neuro-energetic therapies like Polarity, Reiki, Shiatsu, Tuina, Reflexology, Cranial Sacral and Yoga are complimented by YOUR own breath work releasing all that you need not hold within!
Detoxification, myofascial and structural alignment treatments like DeepTissue Massage, Shiatsu, Tuina, Positional Release and General Lymph Drainage coupled with thermal/hydro and herbal therapies will enhance your body’s natural drainage detoxification and the balance of all systems



An Ancient Science

Bodywork and Bodycare practices have a few 1,000 years of tradition in ALL the world cultures.  Ocean, river, stream and lake waters warmed by the sun... or frigid from the ice and snow....Hot mineral water springs and muds ....Saunas and steam in huts, caves and tents ....Grasses, sponges, compounds of clay, charcoal, and salts....Plants’ leaves, roots and bark poultices /oils ......Deep healing infrared heat from our sun!  We, the people, cleaned and treated and healed our selves, our families.......And we still do!

Woman in Hot Tub


Therapeutic Massage, Bodywork/Bodycare 

Bare Skin Treatments may include deep moist heat, essential oils, liniments, herbal oils and creams, contrast hot/cold therapy 

Treatment Options:

  • Bodywork: manual therapy, deep moist heat, vibration

  • Skin Care: exfoliation, detoxification

  • Energy Work: Polarity, cranio-sacral, palming, etc

  • Yoga Therapy: 

  • Treatment Length: Short (1-1.5 hours), Medium (1.5-2 hours), Long (2-3 hours)


To maximize benefits of your session:
Take the Time to Cleanse Before Rest After

Massage Salts


It’s all GOOD!

In home massage therapy, bodywork, yoga $65 and up 

Elderly Woman at Gym


(206) 887-5277

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